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Mga kabayan, maari ipost dito ang ating mga hinaing, ideya, at paghingi ng saklolo para tayo ay magkatulungan. Dito ay pwede rin ipost kung mayroon pwede maitulong sa ating mga kababayan sa loob at labas ng Pilipinas.


#Pupuh #Kinanti: Carita Merah Dalima

Pupuh Kinanti
Rékaan Karina Nahan

Wanci ngagayuh kasubuh
Kabayan karak ngulisik
Nguniang manéhna hudang
Si Iteung di geuing geuing
Rék diajak babarengan… 245 more words



1. Warkop DKI (Dono Kasino Indro)

2. Benyamin

3. Ateng Iskak

4. Catatan Si Boy

5. Kadir Doyok

6. Kabayan

100% laptop/komp.

Silakan segera pesan dengan menyebutkan: 24 more words


A typical seafarer turned successful entrepreneur; a "servant-to-king" OFW story

The time he was tired of following stringent company rules & procedures, he started to make his own and was able to prove his worth as an outstanding “boss” instead of being a mere luxury ship “servant” for a lifetime. 687 more words

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A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” – James Keller

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The Cañao Tradition of the Ibalois

The gangsa and the solibao played together would usually resound to the next village, signifying a festivity. Amid the floating music of these instruments, you’d hear someone belt out a chant, which would be responded to by a chorus of outcries from the people. 965 more words

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